Shanghai sharp source environmental protection engineering equipment co., LTD. Headquarters is located in Shanghai pudong Cambridge high-tech industrial development zone, the company is set design, research and development, production, sales in the integration of high-tech enterprises. Company system solutions include: industrial dust control, oil mist exhaust gas treatment, welding smoke dust control, electrostatic dust removal, the main products include: dust, oil mist purifier, welding smoke purifier, industrial waste gas purification equipment, high vacuum cleaning system. For a long time, the company has maintained with the international first-class environment management company (Germany, Sweden, the United States, Japan) close exchanges and cooperation, the introduction of foreign advanced products and application technology, through continuous introduction, absorption, innovation, developed a series of high quality products, but also gradually formed a whole set of advanced environmental control technology and theory system. Weve been through a standard + custom to help customers solve the specific needs of different production conditions, product modular design standardiza



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    Service within the warranty period

    From the formal acceptance date, we offer to the owners of a free warranty and service quality problems during the warranty period if the owners improper use or improper storage and other reasons, we will be responsible for free repair. Dur...

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    Service after warranty period

    After the warranty period, the maintenance measures are as follows: A. regular annual inspection: Regularly send engineers to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the equipment, troubleshooting and fault detection, and submitted a report t...

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    Implement effective technical training

    In order to ensure the operation of equipment management personnel to the normal operation of equipment and maintenance equipment, the company will provide free technical training to the technical personnel, comprehensive workshop equipment...

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    How thick brick drive is tempered

    No innovation, die. The development of Chinese building ceramics after more than 30 years, has completed a gradual transition from simple replication to self-sufficiency of innovative development stage, China ceramic tile brand also mushroo...

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